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Carolina Amador-Moreno, invited speaker at the 24th ELC Research Seminar (26 November 2020)


A new research seminar will be held online, via Microsoft Teams, on Thursday, 26 November, 5:30 – 7 pm.

Invited speaker: Carolina Amador-Moreno (University of Bergen / University of Extremadura)

Topic: Sure he does be always telling me my heart is too near my mouth: Irish English discourse markers in perspective” (Click on the title to watch the video recording of the seminar)

Professor Amador-Moreno’s talk is at the intersection of three different fields of research: Corpus Linguistics, Varieties of English, and Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis.

Certificates of attendance will be issued.

Registration is free. Those interested in connecting online, please send an email to Lidia Gómez García (lidiagogar@gmail.com), indicating the name and surname with which you wish to appear on the certificate.

A Teams link will be sent to you a few days before the seminar.

This seminar is generously supported by SEFORIN (Seminario de Formación e Innovación, Facultade de Filoloxía da USC)


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