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PhD dissertations


This page lists PhD dissertations supervised by senior members of ELC since its establishment in 2006.

11 December 2023: María Eva Piñeiro-Fariña, The influence of English on U.S. Spanish: A corpus-based study on the use of lexical anglicisms in the Hispanic digital press of the Northeast. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.

30 May 2023: Yonay Rodríguez-Rodríguez, A study of the beliefs of university students about learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Supervisors: Mario Cal-Varela & Ignacio Palacios.

21 April 2023: Cristina Blanco-García, Ephemerality in adverbial subordinators: A corpus-based study of causal, conditional and concessive conjunctions in Middle and Modern English. Supervisor: María José López-Couso.

8 September 2022: Carlos Júlio Lindade Rodrigues, A comprehensive analysis on how English Language Teaching coursebooks promote teaching pronunciation in Portuguese public schools. Supervisor: Esperanza Rama-Martínez.

6 May 2022: Pau Serrano Menero, Warfare as a catalyst for lexico-semantic change from late Old English to Middle English: A study of Norse and French influences on the semantic field of war. Supervisors: Juan José Calvo García de Leonardo (Universidad de Valencia) and Paula Rodríguez-Abruñeiras.

17 December 2021: Ana Rita Sá Leite Dias, Representation and processing of grammatical gender: Analysing the gender congruency effect. Supervisors: Isabel Fraga and Montserrat Comesaña (Universidade do Minho).

4 May 2021: Alba Pérez-González, The extender tags and the like and or something in late Modern English: A formal and functional approach. Supervisor: María José López-Couso.

24 March 2021: Daniela Pettersson-Traba, A corpus-based study on near-synonymy: The concept PLEASANT SMELLING in 19th- and 20th-century American English. International Mention. Supervisor: María José López-Couso.

23 March 2021: Iria de Dios-Flores, Processing long-distance dependencies: An experimental investigation of grammatical illusions in English and Spanish. International Mention. Supervisors: J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña and Manuel Carreiras (Ikerbasque – Basque Foundation for Science).

18 December 2020: Sofía Bemposta Rivas, Verb-governed infinitival complementation in the recent history of English. International Mention. Supervisor: Javier Pérez-Guerra.

14 December 2020: Raquel Pereira Romasanta, Variation in the clausal complentation system in World Englishes: A corpus-based study of REGRET.  International Mention. Supervisors: Elena Seoane and Manfred Krug (University of Bamberg).

4 December 2020: Carla Bouzada Jabois, Nonfinite supplements in the recent history of  English. Doctorate in cotutelle; International Mention. Supervisors: Javier Pérez Guerra and Hubert Cuyckens (KU Leuven).

3 December 2020: Héctor Agrafojo Blanco, The pragmatic markers KIND OF and SORT OF in World Englishes. Supervisors: Elena Seoane and Lucía Loureiro-Porto (UIB).

22 October 2020: Cristina Lastres-López, A functional-pragmatic approach to if/si-constructions in English, French and Spanish: A corpus-based study. International Mention. Supervisor: Teresa Fanego.

12 May 2020: Noelia Castro-Chao, Changes in argument structure: Impersonal constructions in Middle and Early Modern English, with special reference to verbs of Desire. A corpus-based study. International Mention. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza.

1 October 2019: Xurxo Fernández-Carballido, O ensino do portugués na Galiza. Supervisors: Ignacio Palacios Martínez and José Antonio Souto Cabo.

18 June 2019: David González-Gándara, Discourse analysis in the CLIL classroom. The effects of task dimensions on L2 oral performance. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios-Martínez.

14 December 2018: Yolanda Fernández-Pena, Determinants of verb number agreement with complex collective subjects: A corpus-based analysis in English. International Mention; Extraordinary PhD Award 2018-2019. Supervisor: Javier Pérez-Guerra.

10 December 2018: Laura García-Castro, The complementation profile of remember in post-colonial Englishes. International Mention. Supervisors: Elena Seoane and Cristina Suárez-Gómez (UIB).

15 November 2018: Iván Tamaredo, Processing grammatical structures: Morphosyntactic complexity and efficiency in varieties of English around the world, with special reference to pronoun omission. International Mention; Extraordinary PhD Award 2018-2019. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña.

22 June 2018: Mario Serrano-Losada, Evidential and mirative expressions in English and Spanish: grammaticalization and discourse functions. International Mention. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and Belén Méndez-Naya. Click here to view a press release.

26 February 2018: Francisco Javier Ortiz Tudela, Attentional influences on learning under unpredicted situations. Supervisors: Juan Lupiáñez-Castillo (University of Granada) and Luis Jiménez-García.

23 January 2018: Tamara Bouso, Changes in argument structure in the history of English, with special reference to the emergence and development of reaction object constructions. International Mention; Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and Belén Méndez-Naya. Click here to see a photograph of Tamara, her supervisors and the jury members. From left to right: Teresa Fanego (supervisor), Martin Hilpert (University of Neuchâtel), Tamara Bouso, Belén Méndez-Naya (supervisor), Cristina Suárez-Gómez (University of the Balearic Islands) and Carlos Acuña-Fariña (University of Santiago de Compostela).

15 December 2017: Zeltia Blanco-Suárez, Death-related intensifiers in the history of the English language: grammaticalisation and other processes of language change. International Mention; Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisor: María José López-Couso. Click here to see a photograph of Zeltia, her supervisor and the jury members. From left to right: María José López-Couso (supervisor), Hubert Cuyckens (KU Leuven), Zeltia Blanco-Suárez, Belén Méndez-Naya (University of Santiago de Compostela) and Augusto Soares da Silva (Braga, Universidade Católica Portuguesa).

7 July 2017: Tamila Mammadova, The teaching and learning of English grammar in Azerbaijan at the university level. An analysis and appraisal of students’ and teachers’ views, and teaching materials. International Mention. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.

6 October 2016: Beatriz Mato-Míguez, The expression of directive meaning: A corpus-based study on the variation between insubordinated if-clauses, imperatives and conditionals in Contemporary Spoken British and American English. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and María José López-Couso.

12 April 2016: Evelyn Gandón-Chapela, A corpus-based analysis of post-auxiliary ellipsis in Modern English: Methodological and theoretical issues. International Mention. Supervisor: Javier Pérez-Guerra.

5 February 2016: Ana María Cea Álvarez, Desarrollo de la competencia estratégica en el aprendizaje de la expresión oral de una lengua extranjera. Supervisors: Ignacio Palacios and Xaquín Núñez Sabarís (Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal).

14 January 2016: Yolanda Joy Calvo-Benzies, The teaching and learning of English pronunciation in Spain. An analysis and appraisal of students’ and teachers’ views and teaching materials. International Mention. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.

26 October 2015: Miguel Ángel Gómes-Gargamala, Confronting evil and the monstruous other in Beowulf and its filmic adaptations: Understanding heroic action and the limits of knowledge.  Supervisor: Jorge Luis Bueno-Alonso

20 January 2015: Paula Rodríguez-Abruñeiras, Exemplifying markers in English: Synchronic and diachronic considerations. European Doctorate. Supervisor: María José López-Couso.

17 December 2014: Eduardo Coto-Villalibre, A semantic and syntactic approach to GET-constructions in World Englishes. Supervisors: Elena Seoane, Teresa Fanego and Paloma Núñez-Pertejo.

4 December 2014: Sara Riveiro-Outeiral, The syntax-semantics interface in the production of number agreement: A crosslinguistic perspective. European Doctorate. Supervisors: J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña and Isabel Fraga.

16 September 2014: José Ramón Varela-Pérez, Variation and change in negative constructions in Contemporary British English: A corpus-based approach. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.

10 September 2014: Laura Torrado Mariñas, ‘Ƿaes ofereode, Ƿisses swa maeg’: A multi-perspective analysis of the concept of transience in the Anglo-saxon world. Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisor: Jorge Luis Bueno-Alonso.

25 September 2013: Fátima Faya-Cerqueiro, Courtesy markers in requests: The case of pray and please in Late Modern English. European Doctorate. Supervisor: Belén Méndez-Naya.

4 September 2013: Paula Rodríguez-Puente, The development of phrasal verbs in British English from 1650 to 1990: A corpus-based study. European Doctorate; Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisor: María José López-Couso.

24 July 2013: Vanesa Gil-Vilacoba, Quirky NPs with special reference to close apposition. Supervisor: J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña.

5 July 2013: Begoña Soneira, A lexical description of English for Architecture: A corpus-based approach. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.

25 June 2013: Vera Vázquez-López, Action nominalisations in Early Modern scientific English. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and María José López-Couso.

22 April 2013: Isabel Padrón Rodríguez, Correlatos neurales de la monitorización del rendimiento en una tarea de toma de decisiones perceptivas: un análisis ensayo a ensayo de dos potenciales evocados relacionados con el feedback. Supervisors: José Fernández Rey and José Luis Pardo Vázquez.

30 November 2012: Mª Luisa Roca-Varela, New insights into the study of English false friends: Their use and understanding by Spanish learners of English. European Doctorate. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.
Click here to see a photograph of Mª Luisa and the jury members. From left to right: Gaëtanelle Gilquin (Louvain), Rubén Chacón (UNED), Encarnación Postigo (Málaga), Teresa Fanego (Santiago de Compostela), Ignacio Palacios (Santiago de Compostela), Mª Luisa Roca, Carlos Prado-Alonso (Valencia).

20 July 2012: Marije van Hattum, Irish English modal verbs from the 14th to the 20th centuries. Supervisors: David Denison and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza.

16 November 2011: Ayumi Miura, Middle English verbs of emotion and impersonal constructions: A diachronic study of the syntax-semantics interface. Supervisors: David Denison and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza.

18 October 2011: Beatriz Tizón-Couto, Clausal complementation in Contemporary English: A corpus-based study on native and learner spoken data. European Doctorate; Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisor: Javier Pérez-Guerra.

19 July 2011: José Antonio Rodríguez-Díaz, Anglicismos y germanismos en el  lenguaje publicitario del español peninsular contemporáneo, 1998-2007. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.

29 April 2011: David Tizón-Couto, The syntax-discourse interface features of left dislocation in the recent history of English: A corpus-based study. European Doctorate; Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisor: Javier Pérez-Guerra.

15 February 2011: Ana Piñeiro, El papel de las variables léxico-semánticas en la desambiguación de cláusulas de relativo con doble antecedente: animacidad, valencia afectiva y activación emocional. Supervisors: J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña and Isabel Fraga.

7 May 2010: Raquel Fernández-Carril, English vocabulary teaching and learning in the Galician EFL context. The role and importance of vocabulary learning strategies. Supervisor: Ignacio Palacios.

15 January 2010: Natalia Villar-Conde, Aspects of expressive strength reduction in British English and Castilian Spanish: A corpus-based analysis. Supervisor: Teresa Fanego.

3 December 2009: Iria Pastor-Gómez, Nominal modifiers in noun phrase structure: Evidence from Contemporary English. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña.

28 November 2008: Gustavo A. Vázquez, Aprendizaje de secuencias y señalización contextual. Supervisor: Luis Jiménez.

20 November 2008: Rui Alexandre Devesa-Ramos, Reminiscência parental e a formaçao da memória autobiográfica en relaçao á vulnerabilidade a distúrbios afectivos numa amostra clínica de adolescentes. Supervisors: Hipólito Merino-Madrid and José Fernández-Rey.

31 January 2008: Carlos Prado-Alonso, Inversion in written and spoken Contemporary English. European Doctorate. Supervisors: Teresa Fanego and J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña.

10 December 2007: Rosalía Rodríguez-Vázquez, The relationship between linguistic prosody and musical rhythm in English and Spanish. Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisor: Javier Pérez-Guerra.

20 July 2007: Montserrat Comesaña-Vila, Representaciones léxicas y conceptuales en niños y adultos bilingües. Supervisors: Isabel Fraga and Manuel Perea-Lara.

22 June 2007: Pilar Castillo-González, Uncontracted negatives and negative contractions in Contemporary English: A corpus-based study. Supervisor:  María José López-Couso.

16 February 2007: Ana López-Sánchez, From “ways of speaking” to “ways of being in the world”. A contrastive analysis of request behaviour in Peninsular Spanish and American English: a comparison. Supervisor: Teresa Fanego.

20 April 2006: Nila Vázquez, ‘The Tale of Gamelyn’ of the Canterbury Tales: a new critical edition. Extraordinary PhD Award. Supervisor: María José López-Couso.

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Yolanda Fernández-Pena has gained a position as Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at UVigo

We are pleased to announce that (ELC- and LVTC-member) Yolanda Fernández-Pena has been promoted to a position as Senior Lecturer (‘Titular de Universidad’)...


Daniela Pettersson-Traba obtains the ‘Leocadio Martín Mingorance’ 2023 Book Award for Theoretical and Applied English Linguistics

We are delighted to announce that, at the General Assembly of AEDEAN held on 10 November, Daniela Pettersson-Traba, a member of the VLCG team, received the prestigious...


Daniela Pettersson-Traba receives AELINCO’s (Spanish Association for Applied Linguistics) 2023 Book Award ‘Aquilino Sánchez’ for Early Career Researchers

We are delighted to announce that Daniela Pettersson-Traba, a member of VLCG, has received  AELINCO’s (Spanish Association for Corpus Linguistics) 2023...


Cristina Lastres-López receives AESLA’s (Spanish Association for Applied Linguistics) 2023 Book Award for Early Career Researchers

We are delighted to announce that Cristina Lastres-López, a member of VLCG, has received AESLA’s 2023 Award for Early Career Researchers for her monograph From...


USC Extraordinary PhD Awards 2020/2021 go to three members of ELC

We are very pleased to announce that Cristina Lastres-López, Daniela Pettersson-Traba and Iria de Dios-Flores have obtained the Extraordinary PhD Award for their...