Yolanda Fernández Pena obtains a position as Lecturer at the University of Cantabria


Yolanda Fernández Pena, a member of the LVTC team, has obtained a position as Lecturer in English (‘Ayudante’) at the University of Cantabria.
Congratulations to Yolanda and her PhD advisor, Javier Pérez Guerra! 

It was also announced today that Mario Serrano Losada, a member of the VLCG team, has obtained a position at the same University, as Substitute Lecturer in English.
Congratulations to Mario and his PhD advisors, Teresa Fanego and Belén Méndez Naya!




  1. Esperanza Rama says:

    Congrats to Yolanda and Mario and their supervisors!!!

  2. Elena Seoane says:

    Congratulations to yolanda, Mario and their supervisors, this is great news. Aren’t they lucky in Cantabria!

  3. Paloma Núñez says:

    Congrats to Yolanda and Mario (and their supervisors). Excellent news!

  4. Rosalía says:

    Congrats to you and your supervisors! Very proud of you!

  5. Loureiro Porto, Lucía says:

    Excellent news!!! Congrats to Yolanda, Mario, their supervisors … and the University of Cantabria! :-)

  6. Paula Rodríguez Puente says:

    Congratulations to everyone. Very good news, especially for the Department of Philology. GOOD LUCK!

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