MMTAFL team (University of Vigo)

  • Team leader: Rosa Alonso (University of Vigo) [e-mail]
  • Eduardo Varela Bravo (University of Vigo) [e-mail]
  • Gonzalo Constenla (University of Vigo) [e-mail]
  • Marta García de la Puerta (University of Vigo) [e-mail]
  • Begoña Jamardo (Escuela de Negocios Novacaixagalicia) [e-mail]


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Jorge L. Bueno-Alonso receives the AEDEAN 2014 Best Translated Book Award

At the 38th International Conference of AEDEAN recently held at the University of Alcalá, Jorge Luis Bueno-Alonso received the 2014 Best Translated Book Award...


The activities of ELC in the press

Visit: Faro de Vigo (28.10.2014); Diario da Universidade de Vigo (27.10.2014); Xornal da USC (27.10.2014).


ELC has been awarded funding within the national R&D Programme of Thematic Networks of Excellence

October 23rd 2014: it was announced that the ELC network has received funding under grant no. FFI2014-51873-REDT from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness,...