LVTC team (University of Vigo)

Members of staff:

  • Team leader: Javier Pérez-Guerra [e-mail]
  • Jorge Luis Bueno-Alonso [e-mail]
  • Dolores González-Álvarez [e-mail]
  • Fanny Llantada-Díaz [e-mail]
  • Ana Elina Martínez-Insua [e-mail]
  • Esperanza Rama-Martínez [e-mail]
  • Rosalía Rodríguez-Vázquez [e-mail]
  • Elena Seoane [e-mail]
  • David Tizón-Couto [e-mail]
  • Nuria Yáñez-Bouza [e-mail]
  • Victorina González-Díaz (University of Liverpool) [e-mail]


  • Sofía Bemposta-Rivas [e-mail]
  • Carla Bouzada-Jabois [e-mail]
  • Yolanda Fernández-Pena [e-mail]
  • Evelyn Gandón-Chapela [e-mail]
  • Úrsula Kirsten-Torrado [e-mail]
  • Beatriz Tizón-Couto, PhD (Official School of Languages, Vigo) [e-mail]
  • Laura Torrado-Mariñas [e-mail]

News »

The VLCG team has obtained a competitive postdoctoral contract ‘Juan de la Cierva’

23 June: it was announced today that the VLCG team and the postdoctoral fellow Raquel Vea have been awarded a competitive postdoctoral two-year contract ‘Juan...


Two new research projects awarded to ELC members

April 15th: it was announced that research teams led by Teresa Fanego and Elena Seoane have received funding from the National Programme for Excellence in Scientific...


Elena Seoane has been appointed Review Editor of English Language and Linguistics (C.U.P.)

At a recent meeting, the Press Syndicate of Cambridge University Press formally confirmed the appointment of our colleague Elena Seoane as Review Editor of the journal...