LVTC team (University of Vigo)

Members of staff:

  • Team leader: Javier Pérez-Guerra [e-mail]
  • Jorge Luis Bueno-Alonso [e-mail]
  • Dolores González-Álvarez [e-mail]
  • Fanny Llantada-Díaz [e-mail]
  • Ana Elina Martínez-Insua [e-mail]
  • Esperanza Rama-Martínez [e-mail]
  • Rosalía Rodríguez-Vázquez [e-mail]
  • Elena Seoane [e-mail]
  • David Tizón-Couto [e-mail]
  • Eduardo Varela Bravo [e-mail]
  • Nuria Yáñez-Bouza [e-mail]
  • Victorina González-Díaz (University of Liverpool) [e-mail]
  • Beatriz Tizón-Couto, PhD (Official School of Languages, Vigo) [e-mail]

PhD candidates:

News »

EmoFinder now accessible online

EmoFinder, a web-based search engine for Spanish word properties developed by researchers of the PCC group led by Isabel Fraga, is now accessible online at This...


Two new postgraduate grants awarded to junior members of ELC

Raquel P. Romasanta and Adriana Taboada González, both members of the LVTC group, have been awarded competitive postgraduate grants to prepare their PhD dissertations...


Ph.D. Viva Announcement

Ph.D. candidate: Tamara Bouso-Rivas Title of Ph.D. Dissertation (International Doctorate): Changes in argument structure in the history of English, with special...


New research project awarded to the VLCG team

It was recently announced that the project proposal submitted in July 2017 to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness by María José López-Couso...


Journal issue guest-edited by Ignacio Palacios

A special issue of Alicante Journal of English Studies (Vol. 30, 2017, pp. 3-355), titled “English as a contact language: Variation and diffusion”,  has just...