SPERTUS team (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Members of staff:

  • Team leader: Ignacio Palacios [e-mail]
  •  Mario Cal-Varela [e-mail]
  •  F. Javier Fernández-Polo [e-mail]
  •  Paula López-Rúa [e-mail]


  • Alba Cachafeiro-Requeijo [e-mail]
  • Yolanda Calvo-Benzies [e-mail]
  • Araceli García-Fuentes [e-mail]
  • Lidia Gómez-García [e-mail]
  • Martiña Piñeiro de la Torre [e-mail]
  • Mª Luisa Roca-Varela, PhD [e-mail]
  • Begoña Soneira, PhD [e-mail]


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A new FPU postgraduate grant awarded to a junior ELC member

Noelia Castro-Chao, a member of the VLCG team, has obtained a four-year postgraduate grant (ref. FPU 2014/03208) from the Spanish Ministry of Education, to prepare...


María José López-Couso has passed the ‘habilitation’ exam

It was recently announced that our colleague María José López-Couso, a member of the VLCG team and currently Dean of the Faculty of Philology at Santiago de Compostela,...


The VLCG team has obtained a competitive postdoctoral contract ‘Juan de la Cierva’

23 June: it was announced today that the VLCG team and the postdoctoral fellow Raquel Vea have been awarded a competitive postdoctoral two-year contract ‘Juan...