PhD awarded: Yolanda Fernández Pena


On Friday 14 December 2018 Yolanda Fernández Pena brilliantly defended her PhD thesis on Determinants of verb number agreement with complex collective subjects: A corpus-based analysis in English [International Doctorate; cum laude].

Yolanda was a predoctoral student in the LVTC group, under funding from research grants from the Xunta de Galicia (ref. PRE/2013/396) and the Spanish Ministry of Education (FPU13/01509). She is currently affiliated with the University of Cantabria as a junior lecturer.  

PhD examiners: Kristin Davidse (KU Leuven), J. Carlos Acuña Fariña (Santiago de Compostela) and Magnus Levin (Linnaeus University).  Supervisor: Javier Pérez Guerra (University of Vigo).

Congratulations to Yolanda and her supervisor!

Follow this link to view a nice picture of the public defence.




  1. Cristina Suárez-Gómez says:

    Yolanda, Javier, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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