New research project awarded to the team led by Elena Seoane at UVigo


On 26th December 2017 it was announced that the research team led by Elena Seoane, a member of the LVTC group at the University of Vigo, has received funding from the National Programme for Excellence in Scientific and Technical Research, for the project Re-ViEW: A register approach to World Englishes and compilation of resources for its study (International Corpus of English-Gibraltar).

Details are as follows:
Grant no.: FFI2017-82162-P, for the period 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2020
Funding institution: Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness
Funding received: 60.500 euros plus one four-year PhD research position
Other team members: Lucía Loureiro-Porto (UIB), Cristina Suárez-Gómez (UIB), Paula Rodríguez-Abruñeiras (U. of Valencia), Héctor Agrafojo-Blanco, Noemí Antelo-Calvete, Laura García-Castro and Raquel P. Romasanta 




  1. Esperanza Rama says:

    Congrats to Elena and the whole Re-View team!!!!

  2. Paula Rodríguez Puente says:


  3. Montserrat Comesaña says:

    Congrats dear Elena and the whole research team! ;)

  4. Isabel says:


  5. Yolanda Joy Calvo Benzies says:

    Congratulations to Elena and the rest of the team

  6. Rosalía says:

    Many congratulations :)

  7. Loli says:

    Great news, indeed! Congratulations!

  8. Daniela says:


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