Zeltia Blanco-Suárez obtains a position at the University of Cantabria

Zeltia Blanco-Suárez, a member of the VLCG team, has just obtained a position as Lecturer (‘Ayudante’) at the University of Cantabria. Many congratulations to Zeltia, to her PhD advisor María José López-Couso and the VLCG team!


Two new research grants awarded to ELC teams

30 September 2015: two new research grants from the Regional Government of Galicia (Directorate General for Scientific and Technological Promotion) were awarded today to ELC members, as follows: – Grant no. GPC2015/004 (€70.000, for the period 2015-2017), to the SPERTUS team, led by Ignacio Palacios. – Grant no. GRC2015/006 (€198.000, for the period 2015-2018), to [...]


Jorge Luis Bueno has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of SELIM

At the 27th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Medieval English Language and Literature, hosted by the University of Granada on 17-19 September 2015, it was announced that Jorge Luis Bueno-Alonso, founding member of the group LVTC, will be the new editor of SELIM, the official journal of the Society. He succeeds Santiago González [...]


A new FPU postgraduate grant awarded to a junior ELC member

Noelia Castro-Chao, a member of the VLCG team, has obtained a four-year postgraduate grant (ref. FPU 2014/03208) from the Spanish Ministry of Education, to prepare a PhD on the development of English impersonal constructions from a Construction Grammar perspective. Noelia’s PhD advisor is Teresa Fanego


María José López-Couso has passed the ‘habilitation’ exam

It was recently announced that our colleague María José López-Couso, a member of the VLCG team and currently Dean of the Faculty of Philology at Santiago de Compostela, has brilliantly passed the habilitation exam (‘acreditación’) qualifying her for promotion to a chair in English Language and Linguistics. Congratulations, María José!


The VLCG team has obtained a competitive postdoctoral contract ‘Juan de la Cierva’

23 June: it was announced today that the VLCG team and the postdoctoral fellow Raquel Vea have been awarded a competitive postdoctoral two-year contract ‘Juan de la Cierva’,  funded by the National Programme for Excellence in Scientific and Technical Research (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness). Raquel was one of the 11 successful applicants (out [...]


Two new research projects awarded to ELC members

April 15th: it was announced that research teams led by Teresa Fanego and Elena Seoane have received funding from the National Programme for Excellence in Scientific and Technical Research (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), to carry out the following R&D projects involving international cooperation: – Exploring gradience and constructionalization in linguistic variation: evidence from [...]


Elena Seoane has been appointed Review Editor of English Language and Linguistics (C.U.P.)

At a recent meeting, the Press Syndicate of Cambridge University Press formally confirmed the appointment of our colleague Elena Seoane as Review Editor of the journal English Language and Linguistics (ELL), for a four-year term. She succeeds Bas Aarts, Professor of English Linguistics at University College London and Review Editor of ELL for the past [...]


A new postgraduate grant awarded to a junior ELC member

We are delighted to announce that Paula Márquez-Caamaño, a member of the PCC team, has been awarded a competitive three-year predoctoral grant from the Plan I2C (Directorate General for University Policy) of the Regional Government of Galicia. Congratulations to Paula and her PhD advisor, J. Carlos Acuña-Fariña!


The Linguistic Society of America awards a regular fellowship to Iria de Dios-Flores

We are delighted to announce that Iria de Dios-Flores, a member of the PCC team, has been awarded a fellowship by the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), to attend the 2015 Linguistic Institute at the University of Chicago. A limited number of fellowships are available on a very competitive basis to students attending the Linguistic Institute. [...]